Amazing!! We stayed 2 weeks in july 2017 at W retreat & Spa. Truly a great experience, 1 week in the Beach oasis, 1 week in the Ocean Oasis. We preferred the Beach Oasis - Service at the hotel is more than perfect! 


Maldives – Melt away at the Perfect Getaway

 It’s serene yet scintillating, it’s mushy yet meek, it’s happening yet humble, that’s Maldives, the contagious slice of Earth!

Maldives, one of the most elegant destinations on the face of this planet is an absolute paradise for vacationers across all interests. Endowed with soft beaches, extended shores and weather conditions to die for, Maldives is the best escape. Nothing can match a holiday in Maldives, for it’s as perfect as a picture postcard. Lush islands dotted with whitest sandy beaches, and surrounded by the pristine blue waters, Maldives is a slice of heaven. Maldives is 700 miles southwest of South of India and Sri Lanka and is surrounded by gorgeous coral islets. Glittering like emeralds and lined up like pearls, Maldives is the address to several romantic couples who wish to escape the humdrum.

Maldives – A touch of Exquisiteness and Elegance dipped in Perfection

The destination is blessed with some of the most enthralling and picturesque landscapes that are sure to entice you to the core. Experience your life at full volume and explore the best of the times to save as keepsakes. Infinite water sports, mouth watering sea food and luxurious cottages, hotels and villas and classy souvenirs, Maldives is simply matchless. Fly down to Maldives to witness a busy interplay of stunning creatures at underwater kingdoms. The land feels like serenest portion of divinity dipped in nature’s purest marvel! Every bit of Maldives feels like a chronicle and every vista, God’s sheer milestone. Maldives is well known for its plush and luxurious resorts, and hotel chains. However, budget travellers need not frown either, Maldives has something for everyone.

One of the trendiest destinations in the world, Maldives is a highly stress appeasing and a spiriting vacation spot for fervent holiday makers and honeymooners. Crystal clear lagoons, dazzling marine life, stunning sunsets and beautiful reflection on the waters as the first rays shine and bounce off, Maldives is a beautiful dream come true. Whether you flee or fly to Maldives, it’s certainly going to be one everlasting experience. It’s a diver’s paradise as well and underwater explorer’s haven. If all these attributes have conjured up your thought of a fantastic pleasure filled vacation, Maldives is indeed the place. It is popular for its tranquillity and serene atmosphere, where everything about it is simply jaw dropping! The destination allures vacationers every year from across the map in quite an impressive measure. Maldives arrests your desire pulse and astonishes you to the hilt. You got to come to the land to feel what it takes to go spellbound in the true sense of the words. It’s heavenly awesome!

Like an artist’s best creativity stroke on the canvas, Maldives is certainly one of the hot shot tourist destinations on the world map. Cherish and Cheers to a new life! Maldives, we call it!