Amazing!! We stayed 2 weeks in july 2017 at W retreat & Spa. Truly a great experience, 1 week in the Beach oasis, 1 week in the Ocean Oasis. We preferred the Beach Oasis - Service at the hotel is more than perfect! 


Maldives Affordable Village Hotels

The Maldives, around 1200 islets are scattered over the deep blue Indian Ocean. With 26 cluster of idyllic atolls. Maldives is well known for its beauty, White sandy beaches, Turquoise Lagoons, the rich colorful underwater coral gardens, swaying palm trees and Maldivians who are warm and friendly always hospitable. Simply without doubt Maldives is truly a Paradise on Earth.

While Maldives is a dream holiday destination for honeymooners and many other travelers, it have always been an expensive destination. As it can only be a once in a lifetime experience to many of us who makes it to Maldives.

The Maldives, is adapting to new policies implemented by government it can change the Image of Maldives as an expensive destination to an Affordable destination!

More affordable small Hotels are developing in the local villages of the Maldives. Local village islands can be boasted for its natural beautiful beaches, turquoise lagoons, the peaceful atmosphere and more closer to local people, one can experience the local laid and relaxed life style of Maldivians and enjoy the Natural beauty, just similar to a 5 star resort offering the luxury Maldives. .

The Hotels developed in the islands will offer standard accommodation and with similar services as a 3 to 4 star resort at a price of 1/3 of a resort in Maldives. Here Maldives Traveller picks a few of the best of the Village Hotels for a great affordable Holiday in Maldives.

Oceanic Village at Guraidhoo

Oceanic Village at Guraidhoo is situated in South Male’ Atoll next to the Holiday Inn Resort in Kadooma Island. The hotel faces towards Kadooma Island giving a simply a feeling as you are in the resort itself. 
There are 2 double rooms and 3 twin rooms, with air-condition, hot and cold water shower. The hotel also features with restaurant design with Maldivian traditional touch. 
One can choose from many activities like fishing, snorkeling, sandy beach picnic, diving or just simply do nothing and just relax and soak under the sun at the beach.
Diving School is available and daily dives are arranged, Oceanic Village is very close to some of the best dive points located in south Male’ Atoll. Some of those popular sites include, 
It can be a highly recommended Hotel for divers and fishermen who would like to experience the diving and fishing in Maldives at its best. 

The price for a double room $160 per night. With BB

Site Name: Cocoa Corner 
Location: Outer reef south Male’ Atoll 
Features: A slope outer reef wall, top reef shallow 24-30ft/ 8-10 meter in depth slope goes down 50 meter/150 ft down to the deep sea. Channel ledge goes 40 meter /120 ft Inner wall with shallow over hangs. 
Coral Growth: Healthy reef, with variety of hard and soft corals. 
Fish Life: Generally for bigger patrolling fishes, Napoleon, Tuna, Turtle, Sharks Jacks, Snappers Murray Eel, Sting Ray, Eagle Ray & etc..

Site Name: Guradhoo Corner 
Location: South Male’ Atoll 
Features: An outer reef wall top ledge 10 meter 30 ft goes slope down 50 meter ? 150 ft down to the open sea. Forming a reef tongue to the entrance of the channel at a depth of 40 meter 120 ft. Inner wall drop off with over hangs. 
Coral Growth: Hard coral, hard ground 
Fish Life: Especially for bigger Fishes sharks Napoleon, Tuna, Sting Ray, Eagle Rays. Etc..

Site Name: Embudhu Express 
Location: South Male’ Atoll 
Features: Outer reef tributary pass, reef top shallow in depth 7 meter ? 21 ft slope wall goes down to the ocean- pass entrance ledge 35-40 meter. 110 ? 120 ft. Inner wall drop off with some over hangs. Inner reef bottom 35-110 ft with hard corals. 
Coral growth: Hard corals. 
Fish Life: V.good. Specially for bigger fishes- sharks, schooling jack, schooling Eagle Rays, Sting Ray, Barracuda, Napoleon, Tuna etc..

Site Name: Kasimo Wreck 
Location: South Male’ Atoll 
Features: Inner reef pinnacle, fairly small which is able to explore around in one dive. A Japanese fishing trawler sitting at the base of the pinnacle at a depth of 25 -35 meter / 75 ft ? 110 ft. The top reef goes shallow in depth 10 to 3 meter

Reveries Diving & Surfind Village

The first local village hotel in L. Gan. A remote atoll which Maldivians call Hadhunmathi , unspoilt atoll with its beautiful beaches and lagoons would make a perfect holiday destination in Maldives. 

The Reveries Hotel has 20 very spacious double rooms, each with luxury en-suite shower and Toilet facilities with a wardrobe and storage areas. All air-conditioned rooms have a TV & balcony over looking palm trees with the front of the hotel rooms providing sea views. The hotel also features a dining room, Pool Table, Swimming Pool and Shower, a Top Floor coffee shop, Gymnasium, a Spa facility and fully kitted out Conference Room.
In addition to this, the hotel has a separate Bungalow, which is detached from the hotel although right next to the swimming pool. The Bungalow has 3 air-conditioned double rooms, Dinning room, Living room and Kitchen. It also has it’s own garden which is very lush with lovely plants and bushes with is own outdoor, under cover seating area and relaxation area.
The facilities at the hotel easily match the higher priced resorts. We have all water sports covered, that are Jet ski’s, Sailing, Kite surfing, Surfing ( 5 of the highest surf breaks in the Laamu atoll), water skiing. also have a fully functional Dive school able to cater for all diving except Nitrox although are aiming to get this up and running also. In addition to this, shall provide Island visits, which allows the holidaymaker to visit other Islands, deserted Island visit plus many other excursions.

The price for a double room is $170 per night. (2 person) The Bungalow cost is $400.00 per night, 6 people can be accommodated sharing, that is ultimate luxury at fantastic prices. The Bungalow also has the option to have it’s own Butler service available at an additional $70 per night.

There is a extra flight booking that is required from male down to Kahdhoo on L.Gan.