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Six Senses Laamu creates the first code of conduct in Maldives for Dolphin Watching.

Dolphin Watching Guide from Six Sense Laamu

First ever code of conduct for dolphin watching has been developed by Six Senses Laamu Resort. Dolphin watching, which is popular among many of the tourists that visit Maldives has not had any form of regulations or code of ethics that should be followed. With the implementation of this code there is a higher guarantee of protection and sustainability for the local population of dolphins.

The hard work of resident Marine Biologist, Rachel Lambert the code of conduct summarizes in seven main points:

• Keep at least 50 meters away – two boat lengths
• Do not approach from directly behind or head on
• Allow the dolphins to choose to approach the boat
• No rapid changes in speed or rapid changes in direction – be predictable
• 6 knots when within 150 meters
• Do not cut them off or chase them
• Do not separate mothers and calves

Six Senses Laamu resort has been identified as a pioneer in educating and implementing certain guidelines in order to ensure sustainability and prevent harm coming to the environment. Recognizing the role of a resort and the delicate nature it operates due to its dependence on nature, which is especially evident in Maldivian tourism, Six Senses Laamu has always been an advocate of protecting the environment. The code engineered is also adhering to its policy of improving ecological footprint of biodiversity conservation, preservation and restoration within the resort as well as nearby surrounding areas.

The resort is now campaigning in order to extend to all Maldives resorts and other destinations to ensure that tourists and tourism providers of all regions would be able to do there part in helping the eco system. With such a delicate balance in place, we need more research and acts such as this for the betterment of the world and a more sustainable future.


Source: Sixsenses