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Two Worlds ! Come & Explore - Liveaboard diving in Maldives


Maldives has much to offer any diver or tourist. Whether it is enjoying nature at a resort or hopping on a Live Aboard to cruise throughout the scenic atolls, passengers are sure to fill their days with pleasure and beauty. The Live Aboard holiday focuses on diving. The boat cruises the spectacular Indian Ocean while making stops at desired dive sites. Meanwhile, passengers enjoy the natural beauty of Maldives and the surrounding ocean relaxed and comfortable. On a Live Aboard, one will generally make three to four dives daily at our most celebrated dive points (some being world class 


dive sites). The Maldives is scattered throughout Indian Ocean and our dive sites are stretched throughout it’s atoll reefs. The advantages of a Live Aboard safari is that one can cover a variety of atolls, enjoy island hoping, and have the chance to experience the rich cultural life styles the islanders have preserved for years. We aims to give our passengers the best tour possible. Our experienced dive instructors/masters have years of experience and look forward to generously serving our passengers. Few remarkable dive sites not so common among divers are : 

 Site Name: Hanifaru.

Location: Baa Atoll
Hanifaru is known for whale sharks that cross Maldivian waters. Hanifaru, is an uninhabited island located in Baa Atoll. Hanifaru has a tremendous natural underwater bay, known locally as “Vaadhumaafaru Adi”. The bay is a play ground for a large number of whale sharks, grey sharks, manta rays and sting rays. Abundant with colorful corals and all size fish, the bay is also believed to be one of the very few places in the world where whale sharks come together to mate.
Site Name: Digali Haa
Location: Mid Baa Atoll
This site features a deep pinnacle sitting in the mid atoll top plateau. The plateau is 10 meters (30 ft) in depth and goes down to the atoll bed depth of 40 meters (120 ft). One side of the pinnacle is a gradual slope and the other three sides drops off forming a huge pile of rocks lying on the side wall that runs through and canyon. The coral growth is very healthy, hard corals on top reef and soft corals on side wall & black corals and gorgonian. During the dive Schooling Jacks, Sting Ray, Sharks, Barracuda, Groupers, Fusiliers, Needle Fish, Trumpet Fish, Scorpion Fish, Lion Fish, and Murray Eel wait to be discovered.
Site Name: Cherry Caves
Location: East Extreme end of atoll
Cherry Caves a tributary channel with a slant drop off wall which goes down to 30 to 60 meters (100 to 200 ft.). The depth varies from cave to cave. One reef tongue, huge over hangs and runs through. Hanging florescent soft corals, Gorgonian, Black Corals, Hat Corals all scale the side of inner wall. The abundance of a variety of Sharks, Eagle Ray, Napoleon, Tuna, Groupers, Titan Trigger Fish all inhabit this area and are sure to take your breath away.
Site Name: Rakidhoo Pass
Location: South Extreme Felidhe Atoll
This is also another tributary channel. inner part of the reef a drop off, top reef shallow 7 meter- 21ft goes down 40 meter -120 ft. Reef corner, with multi depth over hangs caves join to outer wall which goes a slope down to the deep sea 80 metere-240 ft Coral Growth: Very Healthy, Hard corals, brain corals the over hangs with gorgonian. Huge Schooling jacks, Dog tooth
Tuna barracudas, Turtle, Eagle Rays, Napoleons groupers, and Trigger fish, Fusiliers, Anemones *..The list is almost endless.

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