Amazing!! We stayed 2 weeks in july 2017 at W retreat & Spa. Truly a great experience, 1 week in the Beach oasis, 1 week in the Ocean Oasis. We preferred the Beach Oasis - Service at the hotel is more than perfect! 


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 Eagle Ray Liveaboard



As the Disney Classic in 1989 little mermaid expressed so elegantly, darling is so much better under the sea. Maldives Diving Adventures hopes to show you why.  Based in one of the most exciting, beautiful and simply magnificent underwater destinations in the world, Maldives Diving Adventures promise to show you a world full of miracles and breathtaking sights that would amaze and astound you.

The marine life of the Maldives for years has been one of the most rich and diverse eco systems found in the world. With an abundant array of wonderful creatures such as Manta Rays, Whale Sharks & Turtles swimming around joyously, Maldives Diving Adventures strive to provide you an opportunity to witness these miracles of nature. 

Owning one of the finest dive cruises in the industry today, the business also has a strong partnership with some of the finest Maldivian liveaboards in operation today. Ranging from some of the most luxurious boats available today to liveaboards that provide a more homely feel to it, travellers can pick the best suited one for their liking. Itineraries on these trips range from a 7 nights to a longer 14 nights trip, both guaranteeing unlimited amount of excitement and adventures. Travelling to some of the most amazing dive sites in the country it is an opportunity for a unique experience of viewing different kinds of marine life in one single holiday. Maldives Diving Adventures does not only cater for experienced divers but also is capable of handling requests from more novice divers.

In addition to liveaboards, the company also arranges guests with amazing diving lodges where, dive centers with the some of the most top-notch equipment and trainers reside. Understanding the need of tourists, these dive lodges provide tourists an opportunity to mingle in with the locals and get a feel of the local life as well as taking in the amazing dive sites near by.

For an adventure unlike other, visit www.maldivesdivingadventure.com for more information of some of the most amazing opportunities unlike any other and discover a world far beyond your imagination. Eagle Ray Liveaboard is also providing a further 10% discount on all trips made in the period August - September, so dont hesitate and book now for a diving adventure unlike any other

By: Maldives Traveller