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Dhuniye – A Stunning New Foray to the Culinary World


“There is no love sincere than the love of food – George Bernard Shaw “

There is no better way to put the importance of food that in those words of the great George Bernard Shaw. In accordance to this the management of Kuramathi Island Resort has sought to bring the best dishes from all over the world to the diner’s plate in one single place with the opening of their new restaurant – Duniye. The name which is inspired from the Dhivehi word meaning the world inspires to bring a gastronomical adventure to the diner that is unheard of in the Maldives.

Kuramathi Island Resort which is regarded as one of the pioneers of tourism in the Maldives is one of the most well regarded tourist resorts in the whole of Maldives. With spectacular beaches and amazing flora and fauna, Kuramathi Island Resort is a jewel in the Indian Ocean waiting for amazing adventures for each and every traveller.

The new addition to Kuramathi Island Resort which is set in the serene surrounding of the gardens in the shade of the tall coconut palm trees of this pristine resort, Duniye Restaurant features mouthwatering cuisines from all over the globe eloquently served along with an amazing collection of wines from some of the most amazing wineries around the world.

Start your gastronomical adventure with a selection of sensual starters such as the local specialty - the Island Fish Carpaccio, which is accentuated by a freshly sliced catch of the day flavored with tangerine juice, cauliflower couscous, pistachio and chili oil. For the food savant that desires a more classic dish, the chefs 4 technique le foie gras is the perfect technique. This marvelous dish includes the Chef’s special of duck leg confit & foie gras tord man, crème brulée with goie gras, coconut dacquoise & Mirabelle compote foie gras terrine and a warm foie gras muffin.

As you finish the succulent appetizers, a grand choice of dishes await for you in the main course.  Indulge in the marvelous cuisines of the Middle East as sink in to the most succulent meats, with the flavors of Morocco; beef tangine, lamb kefta kebab and chicken pastille preserved in lemon and tomato salad with apples and sultana raisins.  If desired a Maldivian Dish fit for a Sultan is available. The Kukulhu musanma; local pines nuts, dry raisins & spices stuffed chicken in Maldivian curry, wild rice, coconut foam would shock and stun your taste buds in the most wonderful ways.

As usual the best is saved for last. The dessert menu in Duniye lets you traverse through the Chefs childhood which are the 3 selections of caramel, vanilla, chocolate with diamond cookies or the dule de leche double chocolate-truffle tart; featuring authentic Argentinian ice cream with a sweet surprise on the side.

Visit this amazing restaurant and feasts on delicacies around the world. The choices are aplenty and it would not disappoint you the slightest bit