Amazing!! We stayed 2 weeks in july 2017 at W retreat & Spa. Truly a great experience, 1 week in the Beach oasis, 1 week in the Ocean Oasis. We preferred the Beach Oasis - Service at the hotel is more than perfect! 


The Maldives a Picturesque Vacation Destination.

Exploring the beauty and natural elegance that the Maldives has to offer has become one of the more sought-after vacation destinations the area has to offer. With gorgeous scenery and perfect, balmy temperatures, the white sand beaches of the area have earned their popularity for a good reason. The islands are accessed by sea plane, which docks at a floating pier on the resort, bringing a further feeling of luxury to your vacation.

The Maldive Islands, located in the Indian Ocean, are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after sight-seeing locations in the world. Known for their beauty, the islands maintain a temperature of between 24 and 33 degrees Celsius all year, and though the ocean creates a high humidity, the area is kept comfortable by the cool air that blows through the region. White sand beaches, coupled with the stunningly clear blue waters that lap against them, make the Maldives a picturesque vacation destination for anyone looking to escape the boredom and repetitiveness of everyday life. The coral reefs that abound in the area are teeming with all varieties of marine life. Swim with dolphins and coral fish in their natural habitats. If you have a waterproof camera, you could capture photos that rival those in National Geographic as you explore the nearly untouched waters of the resort and surrounding islands, which remain uninhabited and completely pristine in their natural state.

If you’re leaving the dreary and grey world of inner-city living or the manicured and clean-cut lands of the suburbs to experience pristine beauty, why not take your adventure one step further from the everyday? Since the islands are only accessible by sea plane, you’ll feel like you’re living in a remote paradise, away from the hustle and bustle of work, school, and other obligations. The sensation of being almost alone in the world – but for the resort staff on hand – offers a brilliant opportunity to relax and do what you will at your own leisure.

An added benefit of the seaplane arrival is the stunning aerial view offered by the high altitudes you and your family will reach. From here, you can view the uninhabited islands and shallow lagoons located around the resort. Since there are many islands that don’t have any local population, they’re left untouched and unspoiled by human settlement. View the wonders of nature in all its glory, and marvel at the beautiful, crystal-clear waters of the lagoons and ocean below.

Pack your camera with you for these once-in-a-lifetime views. You’ll get the shot of a lifetime as the seaplane glides over the gorgeous scenery below. You can even charter a plane to customize your experience. Plan the islands and areas that you’d like to fly over, and land on the islands below to explore. Since the sea plane is able to land on the shores of almost any island, you literally have the islands at your fingertips. Taking advantage of gorgeous views and pristine, natural beauty has never been easier!

Remember as well to pack your own snorkeling gear, as full-day excursions are available for exploring the beauty and wonders of the Indian Ocean. With thousands of varieties of fish and other marine life, including dolphins, stingrays, and whales, there is always something for you to gape in amazement at. The coral reefs are teeming with life and beauty, which offers a range of species in a stunning array of colours that you have only dared to imagine.

The excursions let you explore uninhabited islands and experience the amazing and flawless beauty they hold. Lounge on the beach or explore virgin lagoons, only interrupting your beautiful lazy day for a break for lunch – provided by the resort. The full buffet is truly the icing on the cake for this tropical adventure!

Escape the daily grind with one of the most memorable vacations available to you. Pristine waters and stunning aerial views await you in the Maldives Island resorts. Be sure to take advantage of the tours and excursions available with the help of the seaplanes, which will help you soar to new heights and see the wonders that are available below.

Rather than spending your hard-earned vacation time in a busy resort that takes you from one hustle and bustle lifestyle into another that can be equally as hectic, spend your days lounging on the nearly untouched sandy beaches of the Maldive Island resorts. After all, you wanted to go on vacation to escape the rat race – why volunteer yourself to become a part of another one?