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Ideal Preparation for a Perfect Rendezvous with Maldives

Maldives is one of the most sought after holiday destination boasting of endless opportunities and countless fun filled activities. It is a heavenly mix of perfect climate which is never too hot or humid and the soothing cool oceanic breeze caresses your body throughout the day. A place where the most exotic tropical scenery invites you to drool over the pearl colored velvety sand and offers the safest water adventures, destination Maldives is the perfect holiday option. It is best suited for sharing the most romantic intimate moments with your better half or loved one and for enjoying a unique family time. Here is a carefully sorted out list of the items necessary to take along which will greatly help the visitors before they plan to leave for the most mesmerizing place on earth.

Luggage: Maldives is an island where most of the time will be spent either relaxing on the beach or surfing and diving into the cleanest oceanic heritage it has to offer. So, there is no need to fill up the baggage with tons of clothing or unnecessary stuff. It should also be kept in mind that the air service at Maldives do not accept suitcases exceeding the limit of 32 kg and only 20 kg is the officially allowed weight for baggage. The other option for reaching the magnificent island resorts of Maldives is via sea plane and it has an even lesser baggage weight limit of 15 kg. That is why travelling light should be kept in mind before packing.

Clothing: Weather in Maldives is always tropical and temperate with occasional rainfall throughout the year. So it will be better to pack clothing that is appropriate and comfortable. Light cotton fabrics or synthetic fiber dresses will be most suitable. Shorts, T-shirts, Bermudas and breathable summer dresses are the best bet for a trip to Maldives. Anything that makes body perspire should be strictly avoided.

Swimwear and Lingerie: Swimwear is one item that tops the must have list of items to carry along. To enjoy the perfect beach experience trendy beachwear should be packed to keep in vogue. The island of Maldives is hypnotically beautiful and the perfect lingerie will make the honeymooning experience extraordinarily romantic.

Footwear, Weather Gear and Accessories: Head gear like bandanas, hats and caps should be brought along because there is always plenty of sunshine during daytime. Sunglasses are a must have item as well. Heels and heavy boots should be avoided and flip flops, light slippers or flat sandals should be packed to enjoy a perfect experience without hurting your feet. An umbrella can be packed too.

Toiletries: Sun protection lotion or creams and after sun lotions are necessary items to save your skin from tanning because Maldives is closer to the Equator and sun shines here all day long. Personal toiletries like shaving kits, shampoos and bathing gels etc. should also be packed before leaving for Maldives.

Medical supplies: All the resorts in Maldives have 24 hourly medical attention services but it is also advised to keep a few items in your luggage always. These include personal medication that you have been prescribed by your doctor along with the prescription chit, contraceptives, band aid, ear drops most specifically divers ear drops, mosquito repellent and an emergency aid medical kit in case of travelling with kids. Divers ear drops must be used after every diving or deep sea activity because the high level of Plancton in the sea could result in getting otitis. Visitors should also be well prepared for any probable health condition like diarrhea or allergic reactions and Imodium tablets, antihistamines, antiseptics, flu capsules and pain killers should be taken along.

Necessary Gadgets: Maldives is an attractive place offering a unique experience and hordes of enjoyable activities. So, there will be countless cherishing moments. That is why a photo camera is a must along with plenty of batteries or charging cord. Then a laptop is also an important item to keep your pictures safely stored. In today’s age mobile phones are an indispensible item and if taking a mobile along then a travel adapter is a must. A plug socket converter, an epilator, iPods and iPads should also be packed. Underwater camera may prove handy for sharing the most incredible scuba diving and sea life viewing experiences with your loved ones at home.

Miscellaneous Items: Some instant snacks like crisps and biscuits should be packed to munch on while relaxing at the beach or to satisfy late night cravings. Lollies, candies and chocolates must also be stacked for children. Juices, soda water and mineral water can be packed too. A Money belt to keep the passport and money safely in your custody and a small day pack to keep items like swimwear, plasters and sunscreen is necessary while strolling on the island.

Outdoor or Water sports Gear: Maldives is all about beach and water activities. So, proper diving gear and snorkeling equipment is indeed necessary. Packing your own set is a hygienic and reliable option. Equipment like masks and fins are available for free usage at some resorts or could be rented from nearby shops but to keep a personal set of water sports gear will keep your trip hassle free. Water shoes, booties, spades and shovels should be packed for keeping the kids busy at the beach.

What should be avoided: Maldives is a Muslim country so Alcohol and pork products are strictly prohibited and should not be brought along. So these should be avoided and any mind tricks of sneaking these items into the country could cause serious consequences. But all kinds of soft or hard drinks and every brand of cigarettes is easily available at the bars on all Maldivian resorts so this is not a serious issue.

Many of the above mentioned persona items will be readily available everywhere in Maldives but their price ranges differ at every location, so the best option would be to buy from your native place and bring them along.