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Maldives: A touch of Natural Beauty is a Joy forever

Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we all need to unwind, relax and have a touch of nature to compose our ever stressed out minds. Touring Maldives is the one best and affordable solution for achieving it all in one package. Maldives is a place where God has secured the best of everything. Maldives is a combination of beautiful islands every one of which is uniquely exotic having the best scenic beauty along with the incredibly pure and inviting oceanic treasures. Combined with the most advanced craftsmanship and huge amount of expenditures carried out for ensuring the safety of the guests, has left little room for visitors to think twice before booking their tickets for Maldives. The environment has been kept natural and earthy though just to remain in touch with Mother Nature and the exoticness has not been manipulated in any way.

If we begin to explain the beauty of this tropical paradise then what comes to mind first is the gorgeous white sand shining all the way through, outlining the water which has mixed shades of blue and turquoise. Standing tall along the sidelines are the brilliantly well-maintained coconut and palm trees which makes the oceanic scene a picturesque beauty. Anyone would agree that for fishing, watersports and perfect tropical experience Maldives is the place to visit. The reefs and atolls present at the islands host some of the most amazing quantities of colorful sea life one would ever see. The diving experience in its brilliantly clean waters gives a feeling of having being immersed inside a great aquarium. At some patches the colorful soft and hard corals live and regenerate deeper in the water providing a backdrop to the myriad fish life. There are so many different sea species present in the cool blue waters like Pelagic, Mantas and even whale sharks which appear at the strong current locations though, does guarantee a worthwhile experience for marine life lovers. The temperature throughout the year is in between 240C to 330 C and the humidity level is low because of the cool sea breeze constantly surrounding, this factor adds an extra zing to the already inviting scenery.

It has become an internationally known destination for providing the best recreational diving experience. Diving is a completely unique, adventurous yet equally safe experience over here. The North Male Atoll is the most explored and chosen place for diving. South Male Atoll provides the craziest dive experience due to the strong currents and a long wreck for adventurous people. Ari Atoll presents wider open spaces and boasts of a large variety of dive styles that is reefs, wrecks and walls. Nilandhoo Atoll is more of a remote kind with barely investigated waters and provides an exclusively quiet diving adventure. So, there is a huge treasure of diving styles and versatile options open for exploration in Maldives. Currents are the most defining feature for enjoying the prefect dive and vary seasonally, so it is advisable to choose the resort according to the wind directions prevailing during the visiting season.

Snorkeling is another great option, as it allows, by just floating along the reefs casually, having a closer look at the creatures of all sorts living beneath the cleanliest water one can ever find. At night, the lighting attracts baby sharks which are an incredulous sight to cherish forever. But that’s not all, visitors can enjoy a huge variety of water sports and there are separately built areas where kids can get a touch of sea life and similar sports under the guidance of well trained staff. This facility is available at every resort in Maldives. The options of over water surveillance through Safari Vessels and Cruise Ships not only provide a unique view of the beaches and landscape beauty but a castaway style experience in its own way.

The beach resorts in Maldives are literally beach-oriented, highly developed and most facilitated. These resorts are built in a way that they provide not just the perfect view of the ocean but one can enjoy the experience of living on the water itself by opting for the incredible water bungalows. Any tourist resort in Maldives has been constructed on a particular island and caters to people visiting it. They are built to a maximum 2 meters height above the sea and have a sizing of 800 by 200 meters approximately. House reefs are also constructed at every island for scuba divers and snorkelers. There are thematic rooms, suites and villas having various categories to meet the demands and budgets of tourists visiting Maldives and their themes range from eco-friendly to utterly romantic setting and natural heritage enclosures all embedded. Every resort has a number of restaurants to provide variety of local and international cuisines, coffee shops, cocktail bars and snack bars are in addition to this. Diving schools and Spas are an integral part of every resort, especially the traditional Maldivian massages from these spas are famous worldwide and an attraction for tourists in its own respect. Then there is meditation and Yoga facility and highly equipped gym, badminton and tennis courts present at all the resorts. Indoor activities are also endless and enhance the versatility of Maldivian tourist resorts.

Maldives is a Muslim country, but as its economy greatly depends upon the revenues from tourism. It is an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean and that’s why its culture is a combination of Arabian, Southeast Asian and African influences. Maldivian beliefs have stemmed from Islam but their music culture is of pure African style and big drum called bodu-beru is commonly used. The intricate artistry on the buildings and mosques are a reminiscent of Southeast Asian architecture and a site to visit. Maldivian people are very friendly down to earth and welcoming.

In short, Maldives is one place which guarantees an experience of a life time. For people who are in search of a peaceful place where natural reserves are carefully preserved, staying options are advanced yet exotic, where people are welcomed with open hearts and their happiness and safety is never compromised, then Maldives is the place to be.


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