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Korean actress Kim Tae Hee visit Maldives

Beautiful Korean actress Kim Tae Hee recently visited Maldives for a new assignment. This time it does not involve dramas, shows and movies. The beautiful actress was assigned for a photo shoot for the fashion Magazine, Marie Claire.

The photoshoot for Kim Tae Hee’s pictorial took place with the sea of emerald and the warm sun of the Maldives  . Kim Tae Hee’s femininity shined wearing dresses of silk and chiffon that accentuate the elegant and seductive look.
In the beautiful blue silk dress flowy just like the waves of the sea and the bright pink chiffon dress that seems to be the answer to the rays of the sun, Kim Tae Hee looked classy yet seductive. The nude color dress flowed naturally blending into the smooth sandy beach as if part of nature. The black dress seems to communicate the cool elusive side of a beauty that Kim Tae Hee embodies. The white mini-dress with the open sleeves seems to prove once and for all, the reason for Kim Tae Hee’s nickname ‘a goddess’.
The editor of the shoot relayed, “The peaceful mood and the natural beauty of the Maldives   and Kim Tae Hee’s fantastic poses and facial expressions brought forth the dreamy and alluring pictorial.” 

The fashion pictorial showcasing Kim Tae Hee’s beauty intertwined with the nature of the Maldives is revealed through the May issue of ‘Marie Claire’.