Amazing!! We stayed 2 weeks in july 2017 at W retreat & Spa. Truly a great experience, 1 week in the Beach oasis, 1 week in the Ocean Oasis. We preferred the Beach Oasis - Service at the hotel is more than perfect! 


Rip Tide Vacation Inn Maldives

Maldives The tropical getaway destination is now with more opportunity for travelers who would love to visit Maldives in a more economical budget. This is really a great opportunity for the present time as the global economy is suffering from real down time, and Maldives said as one of the most expensive destination to vacation inn, is no longer the case. There is more option then ever with Local Island small boutique hotels which have started to operate.

Our small boutique hotel Rip Tide Vacation Inn Maldives is located at South Male’ Atoll, Guraidhoo Island.

Guriadhoo Island is located at the tip of South Male’ Atoll end.  Distance from Male city to the island is 31.68 km. The island is a small with the length of 675m and width 500m. Island has a huge natural lagoon area where it is known as a safe harbor for many yachts operated in Maldives for diving & cruising. Also it is daily visited by many tourists. There are several dive points located near by which makes the island a prominent place to have a dive base holiday hotel.

Rip tide Vacation Inn Maldives is developed in the concept to provide the travelers to experience the Maldives at its best. The hotel is design to give a comfortable homely feel within you stay with us. The hotel faces to the seaside of the island giving a wonderful peaceful environment. In morning with the happy sun let you experience the beautiful countryside of Maldives. At night with the moon light and the calm breezes you can take dinner outside just near the shore and listen to the waves calmly breaking to the beach.

Accommodation: In the hotel we have 7 superior standard rooms; consist of 1 double cabin, 5 twin cabins, 1 triple cabin. Allowing a total of 15 people to be accommodated comfortably.  All the rooms are air-conditioned, TV with Satellite channels, en-suite with hot & cold water.   

Restaurant: The main restaurant is served in a relaxing environment with the typical Maldivian touch with mix modern concept. It is an area where clients can sit and watch TV and enjoy as well.

Entertainments: Hi-Fi, TV, VCR, DVD, Library and Table Games

Recreation: Scuba Diving, Surfing , Picnic Island , Fishing Trips , Dolphin Watching excursion , Sexy beach BBQ  ,


Accommodation Sharing Twin Room with BB: $80 person per night

Meal Plan:
Half Board: $12 person per night
Full Board: $18 person per night

Transfer: Transfers are limited, and the transfer time is at 1330 hrs, Except Fridays. There will be no transfer available by public ferry on Friday. Departure ferry from the island is at 0630 am. While booking flight tickets please take note of the point.

Local ferry Transfer:

Male to Island: $10 per person    time: 1330 hrs

Island to Male: $10 per person    time: 0630 hrs
(No transfers on Friday)

Speed Boat Transfer:

Male to Island: Speed Boat 1 to 15 person: $300 trip 
Island to Male :
Speed Boat 1 to 15 person : $300 trip 
(Transfer possible requested time of the daytime 7 days)

Diving Package : 10 dive (1 week ) :

For Group Bookings of 6 and above Discount will be offered.

Double Room

Twin Room

Triple Room




Sand Bank

Picnic Island


Island Kids

Relax near seaview

Out door dinner

Scuba Diving/Snorkeling: As the hotel is located in one of the prominent area for diving in south male’ atoll. We are highly focused and specialized in diving programs. There are several classy dive points around. Most of the dive sites can be grade between 3 to 5 star that can be accessed from the hotel.

To name a few of the dive points: Guraidhoo Channel, Medhu Faru , Madhoo Faru , Biya Giri , Kandooma Thila , Kandooma Caves & Cocoa corner are most prominent dive sites . For details of site please visit.

Surfing: Rip Tide Vacation is name given to the close by surf point just few paddles away. The surf point here is well known and good for surf beginners and who just love to do it for fun, however the surf point tide is seasonal and also depends on each individual day. If you are a surf lover there is possibility for you to catch some waves here and make your day worthwhile on your stay with our hotel.

Picnic Island: Picnic Island is just around 30 mins away from the island , where you can go for a full day to enjoy the private beach and stay out of the local people and lavish your self in the Robinson cruiser island and enjoy sun bathing and relaxing or just wondering around in the tiny little island .

Fishing Trip: Fishing trips can be done in Sunrise or Sunset. It is enjoyable activity. We cruise on a fishing boat to a good fishing location and set to fish for the fishing timing. Ones the fish is started to catch its like you can several colorful fishes in short period of time. You can bring some of the fishes back to the hotel and we can prepare a BBQ after the fishing.

Dolphin Watching: Either in early morning or in evening for sunset we can set to cruise to catch the dolphin swimming in joy and enjoying making the acrobatic jumps and making there sweet sound is one the most exciting event that can be experienced. The dolphins move in big family groups and there can be 100’s of dolphins in one group at a time.

Sexy Beach: We will take you a white sandy bank in middle of the ocean giving you the most breathtaking experience of Maldives. beautiful sandy beach. Spend sometime soaking up in the sun swimming in the sea and enjoying playing games with friends. And have a wonderful BBQ to add a different experience to your holiday in Maldives.

There are many other activities which can be done while on your stay with us in Rip Tide Inn Vacation in Maldives.  

Things to Note
Please respect local regulations and dress codes on the beach, as bikinis and underwears are not allowed here. \r\nYou can have western type sunbathing in bikinis on Picnic Island, or any of the resort islands nearby, or on the sandbank . Alcohol is not available at RTV