Amazing!! We stayed 2 weeks in july 2017 at W retreat & Spa. Truly a great experience, 1 week in the Beach oasis, 1 week in the Ocean Oasis. We preferred the Beach Oasis - Service at the hotel is more than perfect! 


Maldives Island Vacation Holidays

The Maldives known as a exotic holiday destination. Is dreamy holiday destination for many travelers, as it is considered as an expensive destination? Where there are not many options for economical travelers who would love to explore beautiful Nature of the Maldives Above and below.

There have not been an expanded market for economical holiday hotels; motels or backpackers lodging in Maldives it have always remained with only privately operated resorts with pricy accommodation ranging from $250 per night and above. In the peak season, the prices sky rockets higher and average standard hotel stay can only be available at 300 per night and above.

With the new developments and the changes of the government policies of the Maldives. The closed door for many travelers who would love to explore Maldives has come to an end. Now Maldives holiday vacation also can be more economical in price. This has opened a unique side of Maldives to be explored. With the budget hotels, guest house, backpacker motels are allowed to be opened and operated with local villages/island it brings the tourism more closer to the community.

From the Island vacation hotels, you do have the opportunity to experience Maldives as always natural, similar to a client staying in a private resort. There is possibility for excursion, Fishing trips , Sun set cruise , Dolphin excursion , Picnic Island visit , Sexy beach trips with BBQ, Moon light dinner near the sea, diving , snorkeling and Surfing to name a few which can be even done from the Island guest house in Maldives.

Rip Tide Vacation Inn Maldives, situated in Guraidhoo island is a small sea side hotel opened is a example set to the emerging market of more budget holiday hotels and for traveler. The Hotel is South Male’ atoll, local island Guriadhoo.

Hotel has 7 superior standard rooms, with modern facilities, air-conditioned attached en-suite with hot and cold water and TV with satellite dish channels. Hotels do have restaurant of their own and a guide to arrange the excursions for the guest.

The only disadvantage for the local island guest houses are, as they are located in local island, the clients on the island should adopt a bit to the culture of the local people and while on the beaches it is not allowed to wear bikini and swim wear as its public beaches and respect culture of the people. However you can wear bikini and swim wears on your excursions for sany beaches , and picnic island on day trip excursions. 

Within the law of the Maldives still the local guesthouses do not have the permission to sell liquor from the local island hotels.

If you are interested in exploring Maldives in a long holiday trip there is option to travel and explore Maldives from North to South with public ferry interconnecting within the atolls from one island to the other, which gives you a great opportunity to discover real Maldives, There is possibility to stay in certain islands as there will be accommodation available. To explore Maldives in-depth it requires number of weeks but worth the time exploring the peaceful beautiful. tiny Island scattered across the ocean. This can be great for mind and soul to get away from the stressful hectic life and discover the beauty of the Maldives.